CTSTEM sponsors the annual Southern Connecticut Invitational Science & Engineering Fair and a variety of educational programs and activities.

Southern Connecticut Invitational Science & Engineering Fair

CTSTEM has grown more than ten-fold from its beginnings in 2001 as a local, eight-student fair to an exposition showcasing the projects of more than 250 students from many schools in southern Connecticut in 2015.Each student competes in one of three areas:

  • Life Sciences, including Botany, Zoology, Environmental Science, Behavioral and Social Sciences, and Medicine and Health.
  • Physical Sciences, including Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, and Space Science.
  • Research Proposal, for projects in the planning phases.
Educational Programs & Activities

Over the past eight years, CTSTEM has sponsored a number of programs for students, including:

  • Field trips to local science/engineering-based companies, such as Pratt & Whitney’s aircraft engine manufacturing facility
  • A program on the physics of driving a Le Mans race car (with an actual race car as part of the program)
  • A presentation by civilian-astronaut Greg Olsen

CTSTEM is planning to expand its programs over the coming years geographically throughout southern Connecticut and into additional classes and grades.


Stay tuned for news on upcoming Field Trips and Speakers!