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Dr. Masino is the Vernon Roosa Professor of Applied Science at Trinity College and holds a PhD in biology. She is currently a Charles Bullard Fellow at Harvard Forest, working on a research project on forests and brain health in collaboration with Harvard Medical School. She is also the Hartford County Coordinator for the Old Growth Forest Network and a member of the Town of Simsbury Open Space Commission.

At Trinity she holds a joint appointment in neuroscience and psychology. Her research focuses on promoting and restoring brain health. In addition to her laboratory research, Dr. Masino is interested in how public polices can improve brain health—with a special focus on New England’s amazing forests—and is involved in local educational and environmental issues.

She has co-authored a paper that singles out “proforestation” —growing existing natural forests—as key to addressing the accelerating global crises in climate and biodiversity. “Aside from the climate crisis, as we become more urbanized, natural forests will become even more valuable for respite, recreation, science, and many physiological benefits,” Dr. Masino noted in her paper.

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