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Today was the third day in Pittsburgh for the CT STEM students and it was an absolutely amazing day! In the morning, we got to eat a hearty breakfast and then head over to the Intel ISEF quad. The quad area was so fascinating and fun because there were so many different activities set up. There were stations for taking photos, areas where we could control Arduino robots that played soccer, places where we could explore the power of electricity and friction with science DIY projects, and multiple stations with virtual reality games set up. One of the most interesting stations was a station that allowed us to draw picture onto these touch screens and have the computer guess what the drawing was of using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

After the quad, we went to a historical area of Pittsburgh to explore areas near the river, like Homestead and cool steam engine landmarks. We also ate lunch at this really great local restaurant.

When we came back from lunch, we headed over to the panels that were offered. One of the panels was regarding young entrepeneurs who had participated at Intel ISEF. It was such an inspiring experience of triumphing from failed endeavors and gaining confidence and collaborating with other bright minds through Intel. The next panel that we went to was the Excellence in Science Panel where there were numerous “celebrities” within the Science world, including several nobel prize winners. You can imagine how we reacted (we were like a group of fangirls!) After the session, we went to take pictures with these scientists and engineers!

After this, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the Student Mixer. The student mixer was a great experience because we all had a ton of fun dancing and eating with one another.

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