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Today was the much anticipated day of judging!  We had a quick breakfast
at 6:30 before heading over to the convention center where we were set up
in front of our posters from 8am to 4pm with a short lunch break in
between.  A few special awards judges came around, interviewing the
finalists and leaving us some handouts such as pamphlets and pins.  There
were 8 grand prize judges who came around to speak with us for about
15min, most of who were very friendly and engaged with our research.

After judging had concluded we headed back to the hotel for a much
deserved nap, and then went to Heinz field for dinner and activities.  It
was very cool to be at the Steelers Stadium, and walk through their hall
of fame.  There were many food vendors and games set up for the finalists
to play, as well as a DJ.  After dinner there we headed over to the
Carnegie Science Center.  Dessert was offered here and there was plenty
to explore around the center.  There was a space and astronaut area where
you could launch model rockets or step inside a model of a rocket.  There
was also an H2O area with interactive stations and little aquariums set
up.  The center had a laser light show performance about the popular
show, Stranger Things, and downstairs they played the documentary,
³Inventing Tomorrow².   This movie was about Intel ISEF 2017 in LA, and
featured four environmental projects from individuals/ teams from India,
Indonesia, Hawaii, and Mexico.  It was an amazing film with a call to
action for the environmental problems they focused on, particularly
pollution of water, soil, and air.  It was especially a treat to watch
because we could relate to the stages of their research and journeying
to/presenting it at ISEF.  After spending a few hours there we went back
to the hotel on the T to rest up for a busy day of public viewing

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