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ISEF as a whole has been an illuminating experience for me, full of unique activities and experiences. It gave me the opportunity to be exposed to other students that shared similar interests with me in science, each having a unique and awe-inspiring project designed to make their own personal contribution to the world. During exhibition times, I was blown away by both the scale and scope of my peers’ projects, producing innovations that I could have never fathomed. All of the finalists were incredibly friendly and I had made friends with many of them.

I was able watch seminars of ISEF alumni who went on to become successful entrepreneurs (as early as two years after their time in ISEF!) and Nobel prize laureates sharing their personal experiences and opinions. Listening to Dr. Prakash’s work to bring science to all corners of the world was inspiring, as was Veritasium’s hosting of the opening ceremony. Among activities, ISEF provided us with the unique opportunity of touring Universal Studios, with Intel renting the entire park out for only finalists. Being able to be in an amusement park with no lines was pretty unique in of itself. Overall, this experience is one that I’ll never forget.

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