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Date: May 5, 2016

Subject: We need your help. Would you be interested in joining our Board of Directors?


Who we are:

We are a lean, “working board” comprised of hard-working and creative professionals from industry, public and private education, and higher education. We meet approximately once per month for the purpose of promoting STEM across Connecticut, and organizing and running an annual science fair for high school students. We started with 1 high school and seven students, have grown to 9+ schools with 300+ students and 300+ judges and volunteers, and have plans to further expand across the state of Connecticut while offering a larger menu of programs to teachers and students. We recruit and train judges, we fundraise and provide scholarships to students, and we promote opportunities for students to enter multiple science competitions. One could say that we are experts on running a major science fair on a shoestring budget. We volunteer our time, with each member serving on multiple committees including: Communications; Judging; Logistics; Fundraising; Science Review Committee/ Institutional Review Board; Nominating; Scholarship; and Grant-writing.


Who you are:

You are caring, hard-working and creative professional who is interested in the welfare of high school students in general and specifically in promoting further opportunities for these students to engage in STEM-related activities and pursue STEM-related careers. You are a busy person (“Want to get something done? Ask a busy person!”) with excellent time management skills. You have experience in some or all of the following disciplines: writing grants, cultivating and maintaining personal contacts with foundations for the purpose of fund-raising, use of social media to expand influence through Facebook, websites, Constant Contact, Twitter, Snapchat, and other media. You are able to volunteer approximately 2-4 hours per month with an intense burst of energy between late December and early February when the annual Fair is held.


If you are interested in finding out more view our website at and connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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