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Darien- On February 6th the Connecticut STEM Foundation, Inc. hosted its sixteenth annual Connecticut STEM Fair at Darien High School. This event brought together 226 students from Amity Regional High School, Convent of the Sacred Heart, Darien High School, Glastonbury High School, Joel Barlow High School, Newtown High School, Ridgefield High School, Sacred Heart Academy, and Staples for a highly energetic and scientific endeavor. Over 200 judges evaluated the exhibits, providing both assessment of the projects and feedback to the exhibitors, and 80 volunteers added their efforts to the event.

Exhibitors presented more than two hundred completed projects and research proposals in four scientific disciplines: physical sciences, behavioral sciences, health sciences and environmental sciences. Fifty-two awards were granted, including over $8,000 in cash awards and tickets to the Darwin Day Dinner. Award sponsors included the Sexauer Foundation, Inc., Laticrete International, and the Office of Naval Research. The day was wrapped up with an inspiring and honest speech from successful entrepreneur, Peter Shankman. Visit to find out more about Peter and his message.

The Connecticut STEM Foundation, Inc. is growing its scholarship program this year. Students who are eligible should visit our scholarship website at to apply for any one scholarship for graduating seniors entering into college, or non-graduating students who are attending a summer internship or camp related to STEM.

If you’d like more information about the CT STEM Foundation, would like to be a judge, or be a financial partner, please contact us at

The winners of the 2016 CT STEM Fair:
James He (ARHS)
Quinn Burke (ARHS)
Neha Sudhir (ARHS)
Hannah Rappaport (ARHS)
Erin McCormack (ARHS)
Katherine Handler (ARHS)
Samuel Chinitz (SHS)
Jane Bredahl (DHS)
Howard Ding (ARHS)
Helen Liu (ARHS)
Sarishka Desai (DHS)
Jennifer Schwartz (RHS)
Haya Jarad (ARHS)
Ryan Oleynik (ARHS)
Jacob Silliman (ARHS)
Henry Molot (ARHS)
Kate Yuan (ARHS)
Kristen Moran (DHS)
Alin Pasa (SHS)
Catherine Gorey (DHS)
Weixin Du (ARHS)
Harrison Chuma (RHS)
Katie Dimm (RHS)
Annie Colao (RHS)
Juliana Hopper (SHS)
Catherine Li (RHS)
Colleen Keenan (RHS)
Paul Hager (DHS)
Kevin Santoro (RHS)
Andrew Benz (DHS)
Alexander Scheck (RHS)
Oliver Savino (RHS)
Maia Clarkin (RHS)
Eli Silvert and Yiran (George) Zhang (ARHS)
Haseeb Khan and Barak Davidi (ARHS)
Kelsey McCormack and Courtney Greifen (ARHS)
Yuqi Zhou and Sebin Park (ARHS)
Avery Juan and Emily Miller (CSH)
Grace Passannante and Kelly Heinzerling (CSH)
Julia Nadelmann and Sarah Saxe (ARHS)
Sabrina Carotenuto and Charlie Clark (CSH)
JP Documet and Emily Torrente (DHS)
Francesca Lippolis and Deah Dushyanth (CSH)

Office of Naval Research Awardees:

Josh Verdejo (RHS)

Nicole Miller (RHS)

Doug Raigosa (SHS)

Jethin Gowda and Nikzad Khani (ARHS)

Brendan Berrigan (DHS)

ARHS: Amity Regional High School, CSH: Convent of the Sacred Heart, DHS: Darien High School, GHS: Glastonbury High School, JBHS: Joel Barlow High School, NHS: Newtown High School, RHS: Ridgefield High School, SHA: Sacred Heart Academy, SHS: Staples High School

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