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The keynote speaker for the 2017 CT-STEM Fair will be Doctor Stephanie C. Eisenbarth, MD, PhD. Doctor Eisenbarth is an Assistant Professor of Laboratory Medicine, Immunobiology and Medicine (Immunology) at Yale School of Medicine. Her research centers on how the innate branch of the immune system regulates adaptive immunity in disease states such as allergy/asthma and in beneficial states such as vaccination. She is currently focused on defining the function of a rare but crucial group of immune cells called dendritic cells, which survey tissues for infection/damage and translate this information into a productive immune response.
Doctor Eisenbarth has received numerous honors including:
The Society of Leukocyte Biology Women & Diversity Paper of the Year
The Paul E. Strandjord Young Investigator Award with Distinction from the Academy of Clinical Laboratory Physicians and Scientists
The American Society for Clinical Investigation Young Physician-Scientist Award
G. Jeanette Thorbecke Award for an outstanding early career female scientist from the Society of Leukocyte Biology

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