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136 Students Participated from High Schools in
Darien, Greenwich, Westport and Woodbridge

Westport, CT, February 7, 2009 – A record 136 students from high schools in Darien, Greenwich, Westport and Woodbridge participated in the ninth annual Southern Connecticut Invitational Science & Engineering Fair (SCISEF) on Saturday, February 7th at Staples High School. The Fair was sponsored by the Southern Connecticut Science & Engineering Foundation (CTSTEM).

“The commitment, creativity and enthusiasm that the students demonstrated was inspiring,” remarked William Foster II, President of CTSTEM. “Their projects were outstanding and each one of them should be congratulated. The CTSTEM sees them all as winners.”

Ninety three volunteer judges evaluated entries in three categories: Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and Research Proposals. In addition to creating an exhibit, each student was required to make a brief presentation, and participate in a question and answer session.

“SCISEF continues to grow and engage more students,” added Mr. Foster. “CTSTEM thanks the student mentors, the participating schools and our community volunteers for their enormous contributions toward making the Fair so successful.”

This year’s SCISEF winners (see photo):

Life Science
1st Place
Matthew Greenberg (Staples HS)
“Obesity Pathogenesis: Dissecting the Models of Leptin Resistance”

2nd Place
Jennifer Nadelmann (Amity HS)
“The In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation of Vitamin D and Vitamin D Analogs as Therapeutic Agents for Colon Cancer”

3rd Place
Justin Bunnell (Amity HS)
“The Effect of Mold and Decomposition on the Amount and Quality of Biodiesel Fuel Extracted From Hickory Nuts”

Honorable Mention
Sreya Radhakrishna (Darien HS)
“The Effect of Inter-Trial Intervals (iti) Between Habituation and Testing on Odor Discrimination in Mice”

Physical Science
1st Place
Kyle Beatty (Staples HS)
“Growth of Oriented Germanium Nanowires on Indium Tin Oxide Substrates Using Chemical Vapor Deposition”

2nd Place
Nicole Tricarico (Staples HS)
“Determining the Efficiency of Drug-Eluting Stents Using Computational Analysis”

3rd Place
Maura James (Convent of the Sacred Heart)
“The Formation of Hydrogen-Storing Clathrates in the Water-Ammonia-Hydrogen System, Under Varying Conditions of Pressure and Temperature”

Honorable Mention
Laura Van Dyck (Amity HS)
“Paleomagnetism: Using Magnetic Signatures to Locate Ancient North America”

Research Proposal
1st Place
Nicole Granath (Darien HS)
“Orally Administered Glutamine-Specific Cysteine Protease and Proline-Specific Prolyl Endopeptidase in the Treatment of Celiac Disease”

2nd Place (Tie)
Elizabeth Labossiere (Convent of the Sacred Heart)
“Fragile X Syndrome: Expression of Fragile X Mental Retardation Protein in Zebrafish”
Olivia Taylor (Darien HS)
“The Effect of Sunscreen on Soft Corals”

3rd Place (Tie)
Jessica Davis (Staples HS)
“Ligand-Induced Folding of Riboswitches”
Katy McKay (Darien HS)
“The Adrenochrome Hypothesis of Schizophrenia”

Honorable Mention
Ben Meyers (Staples HS)
“Enhancing Fe65 to Decrease the Generation of Amyloid Beta in Neurons and Neurogliomas”

Photo: 2009 SCISEF winners
Back Row (L-R): Ben Meyers, Laura Van Dyck, Sreya Radhakrishna
3rd Row (L-R): Maura James, Jessica Davis, Katy McKay
2nd Row (L-R): Elizabeth Labossiere, Justin Bunnell, Jennifer Nadelmann, Nicole Tricarico, Olivia Taylor
Front Row (L-R): Matthew Greenberg, Kyle Beatty, Nicole Granath

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