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Over 100 High School Students Participated from Darien, Greenwich, Westport, Wilton and Woodbridge

Westport, CT, February 11, 2008 – Over 100 high school students from Darien, Greenwich, Westport, Wilton and Woodbridge participated in the largest ever annual Southern Connecticut Invitational Science & Engineering Fair (SCISEF) on Saturday, February 9th at Staples High School. The Fair was sponsored by the Southern Connecticut Science and Engineering Foundation (CTSTEM).

“The enthusiasm of the students was inspiring and their projects were outstanding,” remarked William Foster II, President of CTSTEM. “They are all to be congratulated. The CTSTEM sees them all as winners.”

More than 70 volunteer judges evaluated entries in three categories: Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Research Proposals. In addition to creating an exhibit, each student was required to make a brief presentation, and participate in a question and answer session.

“SCISEF keeps getting bigger and better,” said Harry Rosvally, Ed.D., Chairman of the Science Department for the Westport School District. “The students, student mentors, the participating schools, and our community volunteers have all contributed enormously to the success of the Fair.”

This year’s SCISEF winners (see photo):

Life Science
1st Place

Dana Levy (Staples HS) “Picturing Glory: The Key to Athletic Success”

2nd Place
Eric Zheng (Amity HS) “Evaluating EGFR Inhibitors”


3rd Place 
Antonella Lisanti (Staples HS) “Selection of Optimal 5′ Exons to Enhance Pre-mRNA Splicing”

Honorable Mention (Tie)
Anfal Yesmien Nyhan (Amity HS) “The Effect of Tricholplax on Other Marine Animals”
Daniella Sinay (Staples HS) “Autism: A Case Study of a High Functioning Individual”

Physical Science
1st Place 
Andrew Shenoy (Staples HS) “Acceleration of Angiogenesis Through Novel Protein Delivery Systems”

2nd Place
Zach Weiner (Staples HS) “Providing a Detect-and-Verify Framework for Specific Face Detection”

3rd Place 
Robinson Batteau (Staples HS) “The Solid-state Emulation of Vacuum Tube Amplifiers in Audio Applications”

Honorable Mention 
Danielle Eldracher (Amity HS) “The Effects of Temperature and Humidity on the Tuning of a Guitar”

Research Proposal
1st Place 
Jason Gandelman (Staples HS) “Advance Glycation End-Product Peptides in the Treatment of Cancer”

2nd Place 
Kyle Beatty (Staples HS) “Synthesis of Conductive Gold Nanowires Using the M13 Phage”

3rd Place 
Jessica Davis (Staples HS) “Exploring the Functions of Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Riboswitches”

Honorable Mention (Tie) 
Sarah Aftab (Staples HS) “Lightcurve of a Near-Earth Asteroid”
Nicole Tricarico (Staples HS) “Using Fluid Dynamics Analysis to Model the Elution Process of the Drug-Eluting Stent”

Photo: 2008 SCISEF winners
Back Row (L-R): Sarah Aftab, Daniella Sinay, Danielle Eldracher, Anfal Yesmien Nyhan
3rd Row (L-R): Antonella Lisanti, Jessica Davis, Robinson Batteau
2nd Row (L-R): Zach Weiner, Kyle Beatty, Eric Zheng
Front Row (L-R): Andrew Shenoy, Dana Levy, Jason Gandelman

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